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Sweetest Wine – 2B1

posted by admin, December 15, 2008 @ 1:42 pm

About 2B1

Both talented and intelligent young men with university degrees under their belts, Ingram Charles and Kitwana Israel have embarked upon a musical journey, giving birth to their group – “2B1” the epiphany of what music should be.

Born the last of 10 children, Ingram Charles began in church singing in the choir directed by his mom, becoming lead singer of another church’s choir shortly after and so he progressed until he took a break to focus on his studies, and now he’s back in full swing.

Being the producer in this duo, 23 year old Kitwana Israel grew up surrounded by music, his father being a producer for several years with his home owned studio.

Though appearing to be polar opposites in terms of personality, these two young men are gearing up to become a force to be reckoned with in the music fraternity. Together they are 2B1, the newest and hottest group in the music industry. Their first track titled “Sweetest Wine” boasts of the Trini women and their ability to gyrate to the pulsating rhythms.

Already capturing international attention, 2B1’s fresh, new approach merges various musical genres and cultures to create a vibe that is “unique” and still pushes the hype factor through the roof. This meticulous blend with techno influences infused with their “Soca” pushes an energy that is out of this world and creates music that is well worth listening to.

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