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Meditation – Chynee

posted by admin, February 18, 2011 @ 4:53 am

About Chynee

Richard “Chynee” Valentine is one of T & T’s most promising entertainers. Born on 1st April 1986, he originally began performing at secondary school level where he attended St. George’s College and sang during carnival concerts and competitions held at the school’s hall.

He first entered The Sound Stage competition in 2003, where he sang an RnB tune and became well known for his unique style, ludicrous lyrics and all out hype performances in some of the biggest events held in the St. Augustine Campus, such as, Fresher’s Fete, Red White and Water, UWI Freedom, Euphoria, Campus Carnival, and others, being adored by the university’s students and party goers.  He also performed in Jamaica, at the U.W.I. students union where many Jamaicans refer to him as the “Trini Sean Paul”.
With the release of his first Soca single “Find ah Band” he has won the hearts of many Soca lovers both local and abroad, gaining air play on radio stations such as Soca Switch 91.9, Boom Champions and others..

Proving to be more than just another artist, this multi-talented rising star is a bombshell about to explode in the music industry.

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Meditation – Chynee

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