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STRICTLY is an annual event by Specialist Entertainment which highlights on the concept of being ‘STRICT’. Each STRICTLY event will have a ‘STRICT’ theme whether it be a colour scheme, a cultural theme, a holiday-related theme etc. and all attendees will have to stick to theme in order to gain access at the venue. The idea for this brand is to create an atmosphere of ‘disciplined’ ravers who enjoy making that extra effort in order to enhance their raving experience. The themes will always be easily achieved and the exclusive experience on the night will be highlighted by the special offers to our members and the musical talent of our entertainers.

Our hand-picked resident DJs are experienced and have regular rotation on the radio and at a number of UK Soca events. In other words, they know how to entertain the Soca public in the UK.

The venue chosen for this event are carefully selected and
is easily accessible by tube, bus or other forms of transportation.

Specialist Entertainment has brought, and will continue to bring you a Soca raving experience of the highest calibre, STRICTLY being no exception, so be sure to come to this exclusive annual event!!!