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"Soca Music is a rapidly developing genre on the international music scene.  One of the earliest soca entrants into the international music charts was "Hot Hot Hot" sung by Arrow. Other soca songs to enter the international music charts include "Who Let the Dogs Out" sung by Anslem Douglas (Original) / Baha Men and Kevin Lyttle “Turn Me On”. More soca hits have continued to make the charts to this present time.

Imagine an event where the best Soca DJs of the world can entertain masses of people, hypnotising them with their skills and talents, in luxurious surroundings. Some people in the music business would call this a dream - "We call it SOCALICIOUS.”

SOCALICIOUS is a brand of Specialist Entertainment.  It is an event which promotes the world’s best Soca DJs by providing a platform on which they can show their skills not only to the UK audience, but also to DJs from other countries with whom they share their platform. 

Each DJ is carefully selected, only those possessing exemplary skill in their craft will be chosen to perform for the SOCALICIOUS audience.  This is why we call our event the greatest, most authentic experience.  Not only do we have Soca DJs from other parts of the world such as the Caribbean and the United States, but they are the absolute best, qualifying Socalicious to be deemed a quality event at the very least.

It can be said that SOCALICIOUS is the number one DJ featured event in the United Kingdom as this is what the event specialises in. SOCALICIOUS, which has previously been featured in ‘The Voice’ and ‘Soca News’ amongst a few and is committed only to promoting the world’s best Soca DJs and promoting DJs from other countries and continents who can be considered the world’s best in their field.    

SOCALICIOUS has brought, and will continue to bring you the ultimate soca raving experience – as long as there are great soca DJs out there, we will continue to seek them out and bring them to your attention!