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Remixes by Ishmael D Demolition Man
Demolition's Carnival Mix 2007
Demolition's Fast Soca Mix 2007
Demolition's Groovy Soca Mix 2007

Growing up with his aunt in Trinidad, where Music was the main form of recreation, Ishmael Mustafa knew from the start that Music was going to play a big part in his life. With an exciting international profile under his belt, Ishmael has deejayed at France’s Midern Festival as well as in London, Toronto, several states in North America and across the Caribbean.

How did it all begin?

Upon graduating from secondary school, Ishmael linked up with a crew of disc jockeys known as the Downtown Outlaws. Over their eight years together, his highly tuned ear and natural skill allowed him a presence at most of the top parties and events. With the joining of Downtown Outlaws to the 96.1fm family in 1993, Ishmael’s horizon broadened, especially when Downtown Outlaws departed and he was left to prove his worth as a solo entertainer. And so he did with great passion and skill, gaining the name ‘Demolition Man’ after breaking a turntable needle in the studios of 96.1.

An all round deejay, Ishmael knows all about what people want to hear. His audiences are guaranteed to enjoy every song he plays.

Ishmael D Demolition Man