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The CEO of Specialist Entertainment is known in the music industry and on the urban scene as "Troubles".  Born in Trinidad, West Indies he was introduced to Caribbean music and culture through the influence of various family members.  His father, uncle and cousin were both disc jockeys in their time (his uncle and cousin still is) and other uncles and cousins are professional pannists (steel pan performers).

He knew from a young age that he wanted to be involved in the music industry. In 1990, shortly after migrating to the UK his career in music began.  At the age of 13, he achieved part of his lifetime dream when he became a DJ known as Troubles Ninja.  He, along with a group of friends, founded a sound system called Goliath Sound System but shortly after had to change their name because a Goliath Sound System already existed.  The name was changed to Black Mafia which instantly made its mark on the London music scene. 

He was only 14 when he promoted his first Under 18's Jam in Stoke Newington, Hackney under a promotional company called Ninja Promotions.  He was highly commended for his professionalism in the way he carried out the promotion and marketing of this event and was eagerly sort by other promoters to assist with the promotion of their events.

He quickly developed his reputation as a skillful Promoter with the ability to manage a range of music events while working with record labels and other urban promoters.

After five years of Black Mafia promoting events and working as DJs, the members of Black Mafia decided to pursue individual careers in the music industry.  Most of its members are well known in the music industry to this present time as Artists, DJs, Producers and Record Label Executives.

Troubles always knew he would persist in doing what he did best, Marketing, Advertisement and Promotion, as he received continued support from people who appreciated his talent and skills.

With many years experience in promoting and marketing on the music scene, he decided to take his greatest challenge, establishing a company called ‘Specialist Entertainment’. 

Being fully dedicated and a specialist in his field, he has stated that ‘the Soca and Carnival industry in the UK and Europe now has a great deal of quality events to look forward to - what the public have been waiting for, but dont take Specialist Entertainment's word for it, judge it for yourself.