In 2010 Addicted Mas exploded onto the streets of Notting Hill Carnival with our presentation “Chaos”. In its seventh year, Addicted Mas invites you to explore our theme for 2016 “Seventh Heaven”. other, biologically. To the earth, chemically.  To the rest of the universe atomically.”


SEVEN is one of the most mystical and magical numbers in human history. From the seven deadly sins to the Seven Wonders of the World, the number seven is clearly recognised as one of the most significant numbers/symbols. In almost every religious text, there is also mention and recognition of the number. In the bible seven is mentioned over 700 times and we all know that according to the bible the world was created in seven days and we live in a 7 day week even today. In Numerology, seven is seen as the number of sacred spirituality and mystic energy, completeness, and both spiritual and physical perfection.


Heaven - The Religious Concept


Regarded as the home of God or the gods that exists in the sky (depending on the belief system), Heaven is that utopia that those whom do good in this life, or lives by the universal law of love, are sent to as a reward when life ends. Also known as Zion, Paradise or Nirvana, there is the myth within some systems that Heaven is divided into seven divisions.


The notion of 7 heavens goes back to ancient Mesopotamian religions; they believed that the heavens were divided into seven parts. This concept is repeated in Judaism, where it is believed that the universe is made of seven heavens; the seventh heaven being the home of god and his most exalted angels. Islam also speaks of seven heavens and Muslims on pilgrimage make the ‘kaaba’ seven times. In Hinduism, the belief is that there are seven upper worlds and seven lower worlds, and the human body is said to have seven chakras or wheels of energy. The Buddhism belief says that when the new born Buddha was born he rose to his feet and took 7 steps.


Of the seven heavens, the seventh is said to be the highest and final level; not only is it where God and the angels exist, but it is also a place of supreme happiness and ecstasy.


Our Colour Scheme - Pink and Blue


The colour combination of pink and blue are our main colours of choice this year. While most will associate heaven with the traditional angelic white, we at Addicted never comply with such norms in the creative, imaginative spirit of Carnival; we always expand the boundaries.


Pink is long understood to be the universal colour of love and blue the colour of trust, loyalty and wisdom. According to the belies and traditions of sanitaria, the Orisha that governs the colours pink and blue as well as the number seven is the Orisha ‘Oko’. Oko is the Orisha of harvest, fertility and



The headpiece is based on that of the helmet of the samurai, the front of these helmits often symbolically depicted an aspect of the animal or force of nature that the samurai wished to attack his opponent with. So to does our headpiece symbolise the unleashed energies of an atomic explosion with its energies reaching out beyond its physical manifestation. The costumes main colors are the high energy colors red, yellow and gold. Red is associated with passions sexuality, courage, and willpower and stamina. Yellow is associated with joy intellectual and physical energy, creativity, humor and personal power.


I.e. Nirvana, Zion, Heaven.


Addicted Mas


Religious connotations aside, Addicted’s “Seventh Heaven” is an analogy for our lives and the release and bliss we experience on the days of Carnival: the creative energy that can only be described as mystical; the ecstasy we experience on the road; the mental and spiritual harvest we reap after a year of hard work and sacrifice; and the exaltation we feel when we raise our hands to the sweet vibrations of soca music.


Completion; Perfection; Reward; 7 th Heaven.


For Teresa Shirley Armstrong


03/10/37 - 31/12/15


My Mother, My Compass, My Friend.


I know exactly where you are.


Designer: S. A. Armstrong