About Addicted
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Specialist Entertainment is now a Carnival Promotional Company with a team that has been involved in event-planning and event-management for over 15 years.  

The “Addicted” Mas section aims to get you "Addicted" to playing Mas by providing the best possible service and vibe on the road. From our perspective this consists of quality costumes, great music and professionalism but also an all-round good time. We will continue to set a standard in the Carnival arena by providing the ‘Ultimate Carnival Experience’ by providing you the section at Notting Hill Carnival and other carnivals with:

Dazzling costumes
Professional Security
Friendly Personalized Service
Great Music
Medic Service
Band Locator
Indescribable fun and much more ....

Our vision is for the Addicted Mas section to be an infectious, high energy section which propels our masqueraders into a state of complete natural high and invade Notting Hill Carnival, London amongst other carnivals with a total stress-free Carnival experience. Our chosen UK host is a Masquerade Band called Cocoyea. We choose Cocoyea due to the similarities between both companies. Both are well established promoters in the Soca Industry and Cocoyea is known for its track record and experience on the road for Notting Hill Carnival.

Specialist Entertainment is always commended for its professionalism in the way it handles any project, putting each member at ease with the level of service and fun they get from us.

See you on the road......